Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Larson Family Reunion

A couple weeks ago we had a chance to go down to Logan for a family reunion, but we decided to also go down to Provo and visit Amber and John and their new baby Emma. It was fun to sit and hold the little baby and to talk with John and Amber, even though we were only there a short time it was worth the trip. After that we headed to Logan where we stayed with Kurt's grandma and family. Friday night we ate dinner and played a few games. It was pretty fun. That night I got really really sick and was up pretty much all night. It was NOT fun! But luckily it went away in the morning and we were able to have a good time at the reunion. The reunion consisited of lunch, bingo and visiting. Kurt and I both had some pretty good bingo cards and returned home with a book, blueberry scented bubbles, crayons and a sand timer. It was good to meet Kurt's extended relatives and also get caught up with his family. Kurt's cousin was also super nice and sent us home with lots of baby stuff: clothes, a portable swing, a carseat and other stuff. Saturday night we also got to go enjoy bowling with all of Kurt's immediate family it was realy fun to have us all together. Sunday we got to go to church with his grandma and enjoy a great "grandma homemade" lunch, after playing a few games we headed back for Idaho. Overall it was a great trip.