Monday, March 5, 2012

New family photos

Dev this post is for you :) So these are our newest family pictures.  They turned out pretty good I think.  I took the ones of the girls and my boss took our family and couple pictures.  I didn't take the time to edit them on here because i just want to get them up.  Enjoy...
Our little fairies


So big!

one of my fav!
Best of friends

Our minnie mouse girl

Totally just did that on her own.
Dad and the girls
We were done can you tell :)

The best we could get with mom and the girls

February 2012

Febrary.... well pretty much all of our pictures are from Valentine's Day.  We had a great day.  I decided to take it off work and spend it with the girls so that Kurt and I could go on a date that evening and not be away from them and it was super fun!  I can't wait to stay home with my girls.  Bells still likes to eat the paper :)  Lots of love in this house, and even though we live in a tiny place we still manage to have lots of smiles and laughs.  It also was Kent's birthday so we colored a picture for him and sent a picture to him.  We also went on a special lunch date out to Grandpa Brutch's store.  
Good month :) 

January 2012

Well... January we just tried to get ourselves back together from Christmas.  We got both the girls in their room and started trying to get them to learn to not wake one another up... still working on that.  Bella started eating lots of different foods, but she really likes carrots.  Ainz is a good big sister especially when she wants to be.  We have talking to her a lot about making good choices since that is the theme in primary this year and she is a sunbeam now.  It is fun to see her learn and grow.

December 2011

Okay so again we are WAY behind!  But honestly blogging is the last thing I think about in our busy life.  I want to, but it just seems like it takes so much time so tonight I am just going to hurry and do a readers digest version of the last 3 months.

In December we went and visited Kurt's grandma and had a tea party with her with Ainzley's new tea set she got for her birthday.  It was a hit and something fun to do to keep everyone entertained :)  We also ate lunch with Grandma Zora and that made for some more entertainment as I swear ALL eyes were on our table with our two noisy little girls!  Oh man, but it is okay Zora had fun and so did we.

Next are a few pictures from our ward party.  It was a blast and Santa even came.  Ainzley had her list all ready and printed off the computer of a toy kitchen she wanted.  It was fun.

Then came Christmas and all the parties and festivities that come with it!  We were spoiled as usual and had lots of fun spending time with family and getting to talk to Uncle Kent in Albainia over Skype.  Bella just liked to eat the gifts and Ainzley was a pro at opening.  Ainzley got everything she asked for and more and seemed to be very please with her Christmas.  We tried to do a few homemade gifts this year and one that was a big hit was the bean bag toss Kurt made (with Kraig's help) for 2 of our nephews.  They both like Mickey Mouse so he made them these super cute bean bag tosses and they were a hit.  Hopefully they still are :)

Oh and Kurt and I had birthdays in there somewhere with lots of other family birthdays!  Bella is just growing up way to fast and so is Ainzley.  We love them lots and they keep us running ragged...