Monday, December 29, 2008

Ainzley's First Christmas

Well, Christmas had a whole new feel to it this year since we now have three in our little family. Luckily Ainzley is small enough she doesn't need much right now, but it was still fun to get her a few gifts. She also got spoiled from her grandparents on both sides. She got lots of fun toys and rattles. Her favorite toy right now is a little cute seahorse that plays lullaby's. Okay... maybe she doesn't have a favorite, but mom and dad sure do because it helps her sleep at night at little better. Kurt and I were also very spoiled and got a lot of great gifts. Ranging from clothes, shoes, games, DVDs, etc. We are so grateful for all the kind and thoughtful gifts we received. I will be starting school on Jan. 8th I think and I am not looking forward to it, but I have to get it done. Kurt starts again the week after I do. Other than that Kurt is working and I am home enjoying our little girl and trying to get a schedule down. :) Here are some pictures from Christmas and a few other cute ones of Ainzley.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Loving Baby Life

Well, as many of you know when you have a new baby all you want to do is take pictures of him or her. And Kurt and I aren't any different. We love taking pictures of our precious little angel. Ainzley has been doing so well. She likes to eat A LOT!!! She has been a good sport too as both dad and mom have tried to get Christmas shopping done, celebrate mom's birthday, and attend family Christmas parties. We have been pretty busy, but that is to be expected for this time of year. Well this will be mostly a post of pictures. ENJOY! We sure do :) Oh yeah and Ainzley also got her picture taken with Santa (AKA Grandpa Merrill).
Uncle Kent and Uncle Keith enjoying their niece. Uncle Keith and Ainzley

Ally holding Ainzley. Ally is my cousin Michelle's little girl.Dad and Ainzley getting ready to go get family pictures.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, we were able to come home from the hospital on Thursday. It was a day earlier than expected, but the doctor thought that both mom and baby were doing well enough to go home. We were able to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with Kurt's family. In fact it was fun to surprise them because they didn't know the baby and I were coming along. Ainzley is a very loved baby. She has already been visited by lots of family and friends and is loved by them all.

The first few nights have been challenging. Ainzley is trying to get used to her new home, and mom and dad are trying to get used to taking care of a baby and learning baby talk or shall I say baby cry. For the most part she has done really well, but we are still trying to get into a schedule.

Yesterday and today Kurt and I were able to decorate for Christmas inside. Kurt really wants to get the outside stuff done, but for now we were able to do the inside. The outside will be done soon though.

Other than that we are just enjoying our little girl and taking lots of pictures! We love her so much and wouldn't trade her for anything.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Precious Gift to be Thankful For

Ainzley Gaylin Edwards
7lbs 10oz
21 inches long
Born Nov. 25th at 5:44pm

Here she is......(in all her perfection)

Baby and Mom are doing great. We did have to have a C-Section but everything is going well. All high spirits in the Edwards Room.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess What!!!

NO BABY YET! Julie wants me to make sure that you all know that I (Kurt) wrote this post. I have just wanted to say this for so long I finally broke down and said it. I hope that you all understand. The Due Date countdown clock has been removed not because we had the baby but because it started to count upwards after we hit the due date on Nov. 19th. I removed it because Julie was getting more and more depressed (ha ha JK) with every day that was added. We have tried EVERYTHING to get this baby to come to no avail. She is one stubborn baby. Julie and I are walking more and more lately. Yesterday we walked three miles on the nature path. Here are some pics of our adventures it was really windy and we almost got blown away. We also walk to the grocery store every time we need something. So far 3 times this week. I have started parking further away from the entrance to stores to get Julie to walk. Heavenly Father must have told our little girl that we needed extra exercise and it was her job to get us to do it. She is already performing her life's work. Tomorrow we are going to a family Thanksgiving Dinner in Blackfoot. I think we will walk. :) Ha ha no way!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Baby Shower!!

Yesterday was another baby shower. This time it was the ladies of our ward and also ladies from the ward we both grew up in. Julie said that it was a lot of fun and that she was happy to have seen them there. We were able to receive nice gifts from everyone. Thanks for all the hard work that Grandma Edwards, Aunt Sadie, and Aunt Rachael put into throwing the shower. I hear that the refreshments were great. (Okay they were good. I was able to taste a few of the leftovers.) Here are some pics of the fantastic gifts that we received.

Car seat cover made by Grandma Edwards.

Well we are now all ready for her to make her grand entrance. It will be a great day when she decides it is finally time to meet her parents. It is killing me not knowing when she will come. Until, that great post, Julie and I will enjoy the time we have left to just the two of us.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and Beyond!!

It's funny how things can be so quiet for a couple of weeks and then in one weekend so many fun events can happen. This last Friday for Halloween we sat at home wondering what to do. Julie doesn't like scary movies but she said that I could find one on t.v, and she would watch it with me. This was a big sacrifice for her, maybe she just wanted to go into labor early, who knows. So we started to watch a scary movie and then began to make sugar cookies. The sugar cookies were so much fun. Julie prepared the dough earlier in the day so we used her mom's cookie cutters and made some cute pumpkins, bats, and ghosts. Then we colored the frosting with food coloring. I was in charge of mixing the food coloring and if I do say so myself I was pretty good at mixing the colors. After making the cookies and frosting them our cool neighbors came over and asked if we wanted to come over and watch a scary movie with them. It was so much fun. We watched the movie Skin Walkers. It was fun to do something with our neighbors, they are so nice. As for the number of trick-or-treaters if I did my calculations correctly we ended up with ONE. It is sad how the door to door trick-or-treating tradition has died.

Saturday morning Julie had a baby shower to go to. She seemed to have a blast and received oodles of cute, fun gifts. As you can see our little girl won't have to be afraid of going cold. She received a blanket from every grandmother. They are all beautiful. Other gifts included a diaper cake (very cute), a diaper box, head band, a pink and purple bouncer, medicine, and other fun and useful gifts. Also Julie and I have chosen what she is coming home in. We thought this was cute. After the baby shower Julie and I worked on getting our little girl's room ready. Also she decided to get her bag ready in case we need to run to the hospital soon. (Vandy, as you requested :) the outfit she is coming home in is posted below).

Julie went to the doctor on Friday and found out that her body is preparing to deliver this baby. She is possibly dilating to a one or a two. Friday night Julie started having contractions that were spaced about 4-7 min apart but only lasted for 5 or 6 contractions then stoped. It was a little nerve racking thinking it could happen. I don't know if anyone is ever ready for the baby until after the baby's arrival.

Saturday night Julie and I were able to have fun with both our parents and Julie's grandparents(Mecham). We went the the Bingham Memorial Hospital Harvest Moon Gala. It was a lot of fun. Julie was able to get some tickets from work and so we were able to have a fun night on the town. We hoped Kraig and his date could attend but she had some family in town and was not able to come. The night was full of food, dancing, and silent auctioning. I tried to talk Julie into biding on the Carribean Cruise but she said for some reason that we couldn't afford it. It was auctioned off for 2400 dollars. The dinner was good at the gala and we all had fun. It was fun for Julie and I to see our parents having fun dancing the night away. Here are some pics and video from the night.