Friday, July 31, 2009

Watermelon and Wedding

Last weekend we had lots of Kurt's family here because Kurt's twin Kraig got married to our new sister in-law Chelsey. It was a busy, busy day, but we were so excited to be able to share with Kraig and Chelsey their excitement. You can see that they are very in love and we are so excited to have Chelsey in our lives.

This weekend we are spending time with my Mecham Family. We have a big reunion down in Firth tomorrow, but other than a lunch we are pretty much just hanging out and trying to somewhat recover from a busy summer and there is still more to come! Enjoy the pictures!

Kraig and Chelsey coming out of the temple

I was lucky enough to be able to follow them around after and get some great pictures. The posing was all their photographer not me, I can't take the credit.

Ainzley, Uncle Kraig, and Aunt Chelsey

Grandma, Grandpa and Ainzley (they don't like her at all can you tell :) )

Grandpa and Ainzley

Mom and Ainzley: She was such a trooper for such a long day! We sure love our little girl.

Our little family

Some more of Kraig and Chelsey

What a beautiful bride

The girls in the Edwards' family. Now the girls out number the boys! I don't think Gay ever thought that day would come!

Our cute little girl enjoying some watermelon on a hot summer day.

She knows how to smile for the camera.

Also just a few updates on Ainzley. She can officially crawl, but really enjoys walking more. But we are excited that she is learning to do both. She also has two front bottom teeth. She is still as loving as ever and keeps mom and dad VERY busy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Are Still Alive

Yes, the Edwards family is still alive. We have recently had many issues with our blog. At first the computer would kick us off the site 5 out of 6 times. Then when we went to add pictures the blog wouldn't let us add pictures. It was all very frustrating. But I think all is good now. We haven't had that many problems with it recently so hopefully it is all fixed by now.

This last month has gone by so fast. I can't believe that summer vacation is coming to a close just around the corner. That means back to school for Kurt, while Julie stays home with Ainzley unless she is lucky enough to get one of the 50 jobs she has applied for. Yeah great economy for a newly graduated college student to find a job. J/K

Some big news this last month was that Julie's younger brother Kevin returned after serving a full time mission in the Thailand Bangkok mission. He is a great guy and we have enjoyed spending time with him and helping him get his school plans in order. Also, Ainzley is on the verge of full mobility. She refuses to crawl but has taken steps all on her own. One moment she will just be sitting and the next she will have stood up and taken a step or two before falling on her bum. She has been so fun to watch grow and learn. She keeps her mom very busy throughout the day. We also have been blessed to see lots of family and have a brand new baby niece Afton! Below are pictures from the last month or so just to catch everyone up!

4th of July Firework show in Idaho Falls

Kraig and Chelsey they are getting married this Saturday!

Our little family at the fireworks. I am starting to learn how to make bows and I made this one for her!
The Edwards Clan everyone except Tyson who is on his mission in Africa.

Aunt Rachael and Ainzley

My cute little cousins waiting for Kevin! Kelsey did a great job on her signs and was willing to let everyone hold them! Good job Kels!

Uncle Keith and Ainzley! Kevin's plane wasn't scheduled to come in until 10:03 pm so it was a very late night and Ainzley was very tired.

And he is home! He got to return with Elder Ashbocker (sorry if it is spelled wrong) they were in the MTC together and returned at the same time.

Meeting Ainzley for the first time!
Hugging mom
The crowd of lots of friends and family

The Barnard Brothers
And our new little niece Afton, born July 13th.
Well that is all for now. We have a big weekend of wedding stuff so hopefully we can post a little sooner next time.