Friday, August 28, 2009

Angel or Demon... You decide :)

Well, for those who follow the blog and/or are far away sorry it has taken us awhile again to update. We had computer issues aren't those just fun!!! Not really. Anyway, since the last time we updated I got a job. Yippee! I am working as a Special Education Aide at the high school here in Shelley. I had a rough start because I didn't really know my role, but things are looking up. Although it makes me want to be a teacher for some odd reason! Ha ha ha... Anyway, that is good. We also found out that we will have a little nephew coming our way in December. Scott and Rachael found out they are having a boy and we are super excited for them. Ainzley is on the move. She crawls and scales the walls and is super close to just running all over the place. As you will see below Ainzley is always into everything in my house! So pretty much our house is a disaster area 24-7!!! She has also been teething and has been a little grouchy, her top two teeth are super close to popping through. Kurt also went to Sandpoint, Idaho for his work for a full week, that was a tough week by myself! I don't know how single mom's handle it! But we got him home and things are better. Although life never slows down, Kurt started school this week and found out it is going to be a heavy class load, with lots of labs and reading and homework! We also have been keeping up on our garden. So far I have canned 23 1/2 quarts of beans and that is just from our bush beans, we also planted a pretty large row of pole beans so hopefully we will have a lot for the winter! We also have lots of zucchini. I really love the benefits of having a garden! Anyway, that is us, enjoy the pictures!

It was really funny to see her crawl in the cabinet! Kurt and I were just trying to make dinner and do some dishes and didn't really see that she was doing when we looked down and found her In the cabinet.

As you can see Ainzley has learned how to get into everything!

What mom?

We went and helped Grandma Merrill with some green beans. We found out that green beans really feel good to little teething girls.

She had her feet in the sink and eating green beans! It was super cute.

Helping mommy!

Love this little outfit! To bad the shorts don't fit very well!

Our awesome garden.

Ainzley loves water! One night we were out working in the garden and had the hose out. Ainzley started playing with the hose and got me and herself all wet it was pretty funny! She even put the hose in her face.

Ainzley also loves books! I love these pictures of her daddy reading to her.

Ainzley scaling the wall and trying on mom's shoes.

And of coarse we get a few bonks to the head now and then.