Monday, September 21, 2009

Whirlwind Weeks

Mmmmm... Ice cream!

This last week has been so busy. It began on labor day, we went to the state fair and walked around while it was still kind of cool. Ainzley was able to enjoy ice cream and we were able show her all the animals in the petting zoo. She really liked the animals but was a little scared of petting the animals in the petting zoo. We will really have to work hard to teach her the meaning of petting zoos. We will be ready for next year. Later, while we went to the Shelley Vs. Snake River football game. Grandpa Edwards was sick as could be and had to leave early from the game. That meant he was really sick. Well, by the time we got home Julie was not feeling very good at all. Earlier that day Julie's mom went to Utah to pick and bring home tomatoes to use in canning of many assorted projects (spaghetti sauce, salsa, chili sauce, and tomato s oup). Julie didn't feel well Saturday morning either. She started to feel a little better Saturday afternoon but Kurt became sick. He was up all night throwing up and feeling sick.

Uncle Keith and Ainzley at the parade

UH... UH... maybe from a distance

I don't think so DAD!

Ainzley and the Animals

Long story short Ainzley never got sick and the tomatoes never were canned that weekend. Monday came along and we started to process the tomatoes. A full night of boiling and peeling tomatoes. Tuesday night came the salsa and the spaghetti sauce. Another all night with huge pots of boiling sauces. Wednesday Sadie ( Kurt's sister) competed in Miss Russet. She did great and we were all proud of her. She took the title Spirit of Shelley. It was a fun evening. Thursday was more boiling and peeling. Friday huge amounts of sauces. We doubled all the recipes and sometimes found out with centimeters from boiling over that maybe we should have done it in two separate pots. Then Friday night we stayed up until 1 am to bottle all of our sauces, soups, and other things. Needless to say if we see a raw or cooked tomato anytime soon it will be too soon.
Saturday brought with it one of the greatest holidays in the world..... "SPUD DAY"! Kurt's family has a big lunch on spud day and his extended family comes from Utah to celebrate. This year was Ainzley's first spud day and she loved the parade. She even got in on the candy catching and mom and grandpa edwards (still to be determined) caught her a spuddy buddy. We had some of our nephews with us and we were able to get some cute pictures. After the Edwards family luncheon all the cousins went to the demolition derby. This was fun for many reasons. 1)crashing cars 2)Flying mud 3) fires 4)more crashing cars 5) winning prizes 6)people watching (I mean have you ever just people watched especially at a demolition derby? Redneck, hick, classy, and everywhere in between). Ainzley was hungry and tired by the beginning of the last heat so we had to leave before seeing the winner. Oh well things you do as a parent!
Sadie on the Miss Russet Float

Grandma Edwards and Ainzley at Spud Day parade
The Edwards Clan

The Barnard-Merrill Clan

Ainzley and her cousins watching the parade

Brody, Keegan, Cooper, Kurt and Ainzley

Ainzley's new favorite way to sleep

Daddy and his little girl