Monday, October 26, 2009

More pictures and Pumpkin Walk

Tonight we went to the pumpkin walk with Grandma and Grandpa Edwards and Aunt Sadie. It was great fun!

And here is our wonderful little 11 month old!

Baby Ryker

Well, as some of you know our little nephew Ryker was born on Oct. 22nd 8 weeks early, weighing 2 lbs 11 oz and 15 in long. He is doing really well and is off the ventilator, but mom (Rachael) is still struggling. Please keep both of them in your prayers.

As for our little family we are doing well. Just getting ready to register Kurt for another semester of school and really wishing we could push a huge credit load and get him graduated next semester, but that would be about 20-23 credits and wouldn't leave time for work.

Ainzley turned 11 months yesterday and we just can't believe how big she is getting. Here is a list of 11 of Ainzley's favorite things to do right now:

1. Find the toilet paper and pull a bunch off and rip it to shreds along with eating some!
2. Get into Kurt's books in our bedroom and while I tell her no she throws it at me and laughs as she runs away. What a stinker!
3. Grrrs.. like a tiger
4. Plays with her hair to go to sleep, or mom's hair.
5. Pulls out any pony tail, beret, or headband I even attempt to put in!
6. Calls both mom and dad "Mo Mo."
7. Walks/runs like pro.
8. Throws the silverware in the garbage can.
9. Loves to give hugs and kisses to teddy bears or baby dolls.
10. Dances every time she hears music with her hands up in the air and her little knees bouncing up and down.
11. Working on getting her teeth. She has 4 on the bottom and 1 just breaking through on the top! What a funny way for teeth to come in!

We love our little Ainzley, and can't believe she is almost 1! Wow that year went fast!!! She was taking a nap, but I wanted to post a picture of her. I will try to get another one tonight and add to it.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well as usual we have been staying really busy. We did have the opportunity to go to the zoo on the customer appreciation day and it was fun to see Ainzley react to the animals. Sometimes she really liked them other times she could care less.

Ainzley and the Flamingos

This monkey came right up to the window it was cute!

And Ainzley wanted NOTHING to do with this monkey!

Well, she did until dad held her up!

Daddy showing off his love for animals.

She did not want to be on the tiger.

Dad and his little girl.

Grandpa and Grandma Edwards with Ainz

Our little family at the zoo.

We also went down to Pleasent Grove and back in one day for Kurt's mission reunion. Ainzley was such an angel! Kurt and I on the other hand were VERY VERY annoyed with the Utah traffic. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get from Kaysville to Pleasent Grove!

So we are still not sure what Ainzley will be for Halloween, but isn't this cute! And what is even better is you say "Ainzley, what does a tiger say?" and she replies "grrrrr..." It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!