Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Job and Growing Baby

Many things can happen in a few weeks time. In the last few weeks Julie and I have seen many changes come about and had some good times. Since the last post Julie started a new job. This job is working for Bingham Memorial Hospital as a PR (Public Relations) intern. Yesterday she was able to go down to Blackfoot and fill out all the paper work. Her new boss lives in the same ward as Teressa and Brutch. Wow the world is a small place. Julie is now all official and everything. She has a badge and everything. :)

This job is one that allows Julie to work from home most of the time. This is nice because Julie is already feeling overloaded at school. We don't get much quality time together very often because her teachers have her so busy that she is constantly doing homework. It is like all of her teachers think that they are the only teacher that assigns homework so the student can spend hours on the homework that they assign. So with the new job she is able to stay at home and work on homework and also work on the assignment that she gets from work.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to spend Friday night with my brothers and dad and Shelley 2nd Ward's father and son outing. It was a lot of fun. I was able to see some guys I haven't talk to for awhile and it was good to see what they were up to. My brother Scott and I stayed up till 3 am talking to one another. This was a lot of fun because Scott and I are both married and it was the first time we had spent some time together since our weddings. Saturday morning the guys didn't want to go swimming (we were at Downata Hot Springs) so we watched some of the younger kids on the outing swim.

Thursday Julie had a doctor's appointment but didn't get to see the doctor because he was delivering a baby. So instead she rescheduled it for Friday. At her doctor's appointment she was able to hear the baby's heartbeat. So I guess that the doctor wasn't lying, we have proof that there is a baby. (ha ha) We get to find out here in a few months if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, that will be exciting. Another exciting thing with the baby is that Julie is finally starting to show that she is pregnant. :) The above ultrasound is the baby at 2 months. 4/10/08

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Run Around!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and surprisingly enough it was a windy day in Idaho. Our day began or should I say Saturday ended at two in the morning. We worked for Bell Photographers and got home real late. We enjoy the opportunity to earn the few extra dollars, but it was a long night. We Then began Mother's Day at eight in the morning. Julie and I are the nursery leaders in our ward, so we were able to spend the morning with 12 of the loveliest little angels in the world. When church ended, we raced (literally) to Ammon in order to see Julie's cousin receive the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a great experience. After the ordination we went to a birthday party for three members of the family. It was a lot of fun. The biggest event of the day followed. We were able to talk to Kevin (in Thailand).

He sounded so great. He told us that he had the opportunity to really experience Thailand. Just the other day he rode on the back of a water buffalo and played with monkeys. He said that "it is weird now, because all of these experiences seem like normal events in a everyday life". He urged every family member to read their scriptures daily and say personal/family prayers often. It is easy to tell that he loves the work that he is doing at this time. He told us of this fun holiday the people in Thailand have. It comes down to being a nation wide water fight. He said people load up tons of water in huge barrels in the back of their trucks and put large amounts of ice in the water to make it as cold as they can get. He said it is a lot of fun. We are so proud of the great missionary that he is. We love him so much.

This was Julie's first Mother's Day as a mother. Of course, and as most of you know she is still carrying our first child. We are so excited to become parents and have a cute little one of our own. It is fun to wait and see what our baby looks like this week and every upcoming week. We have already begun to prepare for the baby's arrival. We are fortunate enough to have such loving families that we are able to receive hand me downs from family memebers. We are loving every minute of it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Winter in May

Well today makes the month May. It means Spring is already here and summer is on it's way. Not in Shelley, Id. Today the first day of May. We wake up to SNOW!! This is awful. I don't know what could make the day worse. It is cold, wet, and windy. Then to top things off Julie comes home and finds that on the east side of our house, the gutter fell off and is ripped, bent, and broken beyond repair. This is a great way to start the month.

On the brighter side of the day, Julie also was offered an internship with Bingham Memorial Hospital. She will be working in the PR department. She already has an assignment and is excited and nervous to get started. This is a great opportunity for her since she will finally be able to work in the field that she has spent the last four years going to school for. Hurray!!

Julie and I have been really busy this spring (If that is what you can call it). We have worked in our yard a ton. One thing we have done is plant grass on the east side of our house. This area used to be a flower garden and bare ground. We have tilled the ground and tried our hand at landscaping. We have made the flower garden shorter and planted grass. Hopefully the snow this morning doesn't kill it before it can grow. Also, we have been digging up tons of roots that are on the east side of the house also. Two massive tree stumps are taking up much of the side of the house and we are in the process of trying to get rid of all the roots and plant more grass. Julie's parents came to help us this last Saturday. They helped us stain our deck (which looks great now) and helped to make a rock garden in the front of our house. The house is beginning to look really good. Julie and I plan to plant a garden and do much more to the yard this summer. I hope we can get it all done.