Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We just wanted to post our Christmas Letter that we sent out. We try to get them out to as many as we can, but know in reality it is never enough with our HUGE families. Enjoy.

To our Friends and Family:

Well, it is December again and time for the fun Christmas cards. We have had a pretty good year. Not super eventful, but it has been good. One piece of exciting news is that Kurt’s job contract was renewed and he will be able to have a full-time job secured for the next 5 years. We also want to sell our home and get into something a little bigger. We put it on the market during the summer and had a few lookers, so we will put it up again soon and hope and pray that it will sell.

Kurt is currently the Sunday School President in our ward and I am the secretary in the Primary. Our Stake did a re-alignment so it has been fun to get to know the new people in our ward and make new friends. Ainzley is going to nursery all by herself FINALLY, which has been so nice.

Ainzley is now 2 and is talking up a storm. Her favorite movie right now is Toy Story 3. She calls it the “Piggy Movie” because she loves Hamm and just pigs in general, and we have no idea why. She also has a new love of horses since October when her Uncle Kraig gave her a cute stuffed horse and she absolutely loves it! Ainzley also likes to cook both real and pretend. She loves to read books and likes to “give lessons.” She is funny she will get the scriptures or one of our books with pictures of Jesus and will give us a lesson. What a blessing a little child is and the reminder of our Savior she brings us every day. She also likes to say prayers and make Jesus happy. After each prayer she always says “Jesus happy.”

At this time of year as we remember the birth of our Savior we just want to share our testimony with each of you that we know that Jesus is the Christ. That He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem so many years ago. He then lived and taught and died for each one of us. And we love the saying and believe that “Wise men still follow Him.” We are grateful for a modern-day prophet who leads and guides us also. We have been blessed in so many ways and are so grateful for the gospel in our lives. We know that the Savior is always near us if we choose to let him into our lives. We look forward to the next year with all the upcoming changes.

Speaking of change… as of July 13th (or so the doctor says) will be a family of 4! That is right baby number two will be here this summer. Thanks to all of our friends and family who love and support us in all that we do. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Kurt, Julie and Ainzley Edwards

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, I know it has been so long since we have posted. It is just the last thing on my list to do in our busy lives, but today I wanted to just sit down and at least post about Ainzley's second birthday. She was so fun. She is in love with the movie Toy Story 3 and specifically Hamm she calls it the show the "Piggy show." So for her birthday we made piggy cake and she loved it. It made me happy.

We had a party with my side of the family on the 24th and we celebrated with Kurt's family on the 25th. We had a great thanksgiving holiday and had a lot of fun watching Ainzley enjoy her birthday and being spoiled and pampered by all our great family.

Things are going well for us. Kurt's job contract got extended and we are excited that he will be able to have a full-time job secured for the next 5 years. Now we are just hoping to sell our home sometime so that we could get into something a little bigger. We love our little house, but feel that we have out grown it a little.

We are really looking forward to Christmas and how excited Ainzley is. She has been really good not to touch the presents under the tree and been such a fun little girl. For those who haven't seen Ainzley recently she is really talking up a storm. At her last doctors appointment he asked how many words she can say and I couldn't tell him she pretty much can completely communicate with us and she speaks in sentences (not grammatically correct of coarse, but she is a hoot to talk with). We love her so much, even if sometimes the terrible two shines out in her. Hope you enjoy these pictures. Sorry it has been so long since we have posted.

Ainzley blowing out her candles with Uncle Ty

Oh Uncle Kraig!

Ainzley putting on her "lipstick"

Aunt Chelsey helping Ainzley with her new Barbie and horse from Uncle Kraig and Aunt Chelsey

New clothes

Boots! She has been wanting boots! In fact if you ask her what she wants Santa to bring the answer is still BOOTS...

Gotta love that smile and piggy tails :)

Pushing her new shopping cart she LOVES it!

Opening presents

New coloring book she loves all the animals in it...

Holding her piggy cake, I love her smile.

Getting ready to go to church. Ainzley has been such a big girl, she has started going to nursery without much of a problem! It makes church a lot easier.

True personality in her cute new PJ's from Grandma Sonja.

Last of all one of our newest family pictures taken by Chelsey's sister she did a great job and we are excited to have them! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season. Merry Christmas!!!