Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween and Couponing like CRAZY!

Well to start off Halloween morning we weren't sure if Ainzley should be a Clown or a Tiger. As we tried the costumes on this is the reaction we got. Oh and don't worry she screamed with the Clown too, but I just happened to catch her in a brief good moment.

Luckily that night she was a lot happier.

Ainzley and Aunt Sadie.

Daddy and Ainzley

Trick or Treating with my little cousins in Idaho Falls.

Mom and Ainz.

Love this little tiger. She can even growl at you :)

Hold her candy.

What mom?

My cute little cousins: Conner, Ean, and Ryan

So after Halloween we ran into a couponing deal. At Hancock Fabrics. Where we were able to get 5 costumes for $10.49 with free shipping. That is right the costumes were only $1.99 a piece and the are high quality. We got a Ladybug, Lion, Bear, Frog Toddler and Frog infant. They are super cute and even though Ainzley can't use them someday our other kids will and they were an awesome deal. Here is a preview.

Okay and now some great money saving news!!! This week Kurt and I are about all shopped out for awhile because we have been hitting couponing hard, plus I decided to plan out my meals for 3 weeks and buy all of the groceries so that we won't be tempted to go out to dinner or not have a plan and not eat until like 9 PM!!! Ha ha ha.... so anyway, here are some awesome deals we found last week.

Okay here is Wal-Mart.
Originally- $36.28.
Saved-$22.10, which is 39% savings.
Spent- $14.18

With the holidays it will be nice to have the cake mixes and marsh mellows on hand for making things. And we were in desperate need of pasta. By the way the whole case of tomatoe sauce was completely free! So Wal-Mart was pretty good, but below are even better deals!

Saved- $28.95
Spent $1.26 after taxes!


After going to 3 different stores here is what we ended up with.

Originally- $61.75
Saved- $49.41, 80% Savings
Spent out of pocket- $12.34 and received $16 in Register Rewards (which can be used to get products, so in essence we made money on the deal or we "made product)

With those Register Rewards we turned around and got 4 packages of Huggies diapers 2 things of Christmas wrapping paper, and a can of pumpkin for only $13.04 with tax. That is almost the cost of just one package of diapers!!!

Okay and just a few more.... along with these candles we also got a Halloween shirt, Halloween candy bucket, and a bag of candy. Those items are reflected in the price.


Originally- $46.50
Saved- $34.86
Spent- $11.64, 79% savings, but WAIT we are not done we then received 2-$10 Target gifts cards. So that makes it like spending $1.64, taking that to a 96% savings... oh and wait we are not done yet. We were also able to turn in a mail in rebate for $15!!! Making us money! So all these products ending up being free plus making us money!!!


A few deals we didn't take pictures at was Albertson's. To sum it up we purchased all sorts of things including some fresh produce, meat, broth, salad dressings, cookies, flour, soups, and mayo, just to give you an idea.

Originally (with sale prices)- $ 86.23
Saved- $46.15
Spent $40.08

BUT get this with sales and coupons we saved according to our receipts $104.42!!!


5 things of 64 oz. Snuggle fabric softener for $0.90
Yep that is right we only paid the tax!

Oh and just wait we have some stuff up our sleeve for tomorrow! Man thanks to all the coupon bloggers out there who share the info!