Sunday, October 12, 2008

In over our HEADS!!!

Well, I thought that when we did apples and green beans that canning was pretty much over for us, but we weren't! So yesterday we started out the day helping my mom and Keith pick apples at a friends house here in Shelley. Keith (my little brother) was a lot of great help. We ended up picking 5 potato boxes and 3 buckets full of apples in 2 hours. Keith and Kurt climbed into the trees, my mom on the latter and I stood below Keith as he threw apples down to me. It was a little chilly, but nothing compared to later in the afternoon!

After we picked the apples we decided we would go and pick pears and plums at Kurt's parents house. Kurt really said he likes plum jam (I have never had it) so since we knew it was getting so cold we thought we better go pick things. Unfortunately when we got there it started snowing like crazy. So here are Kurt and I out in the snow picking thousands of plums! Literally we picked a full box full of plums and 8 grocery bags! There were still a few plums left on the tree! Kurt and I brought home a full box and 3 bags thinking that it would take a lot more to make jam than it did. More on that in a minute.

So after picking plums we took them in the house and went to pick pears. We had to switch gloves because our gloves were so wet we were squeezing water out of the gloves and our hands were freezing. I wish we would have had our camera to show you how crazy the snow was! Anyway, so then Kurt went and picked pears on the ladder. Luckily, Kraig (Kurt's brother) picked half the bucket before we went back there. Thanks for the help Kraig!

So with our hands overly full we headed home. First we started by freezing our crook neck squash and potatoes. This took a a good 2 hours. Thank heavens Kurt and I were able to do it together we ended up cutting up 11 quarts of potatoes. I will give you a full list of all the stuff we have done this year in a minute, but first the plum story.

So at 8 pm Kurt and I started the plum jam! I had heard this was going to be easy so I didn't think much of starting that late! Oh boy I was wrong! As we started to pit them plums we found they aren't that easy to PIT!!! At one point we would just squeeze the plums in our hand and get the pit. Our hands were a mess and stained yellow! After pitting only 1/3 of the box it was a full 6 to 7 quarts of plums (only 1/3 of our box :( so sad). Then we realized that, that amount of plums makes 4 batches of jam, and we had only bought 4 boxes of pectin. So we began the cooking process. During the middle of it all, my math smart husband realized that we weren't going to have enough jars! So he made a run up to his mom's and luckily she had a few more jars we could use (he also figured out that if we made all our plums into jam we would be making 162 1/2 pints). It was a long, long night. After cooking the jam with all the special directions, we had to bottle it, and seal it! We got done with it all at about 11 pm or 11:30 pm. We have lots of pictures to show our adventures from yesterday. All and all here is our list of all the produce we have done this fall:

16 quarts of Crook Neck
4 quarts of cabbage
11 quarts of potatoes
19 quarts of peaches
34 quarts apples
24 quarts of green beans
26- 1/2 pints plum jam
7 pints of plum jam

We are also going to bag our spaghetti squash and freeze it and we will probably have a good 10 quarts of that. So as you see our freezer is full our cabinets are full and hopefully it will all help in the winter with both Kurt and I in school and a baby. We still have a ton of plums to do something with we thought about trying to bottle a few so that we could use them for the baby, but if anyone in the area that looks at our blog wants some plums let us know. It was a crazy Saturday and we were both really really tired.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quirk Tag!

So I was tagged by Rachel McLean so I figured I might as well figure out some of my quirks and I am going to make Kurt do it too :)

Rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.Tag 6 fellow bloggers.

Julie's Quirks
Quirk 1: I like sleeping on my stomach, but being pregnant has made sleeping a little tough lately.

Quirk 2: I really don't like reading. The only reading I do is the scriptures, Ensign, and text books if I am in school.

Quirk 3: If I am shopping at a store and put something in my cart and decide I don't want it I HAVE to take it back to where it came from; it can never just go on any shelf. It must go back to its proper place.

Quirk 4: I don't like scary movies or scary things in general.

Quirk 5: I like things to be organized and in their place (kinda like the shopping quirk). When my house gets messy it drives me nuts and I go on a cleaning splurge.

Quirk 6: I hate it when people touch my car. Growing up my dad taught us to respect vehicles. It drives me crazy when people lean against my car, play around my car (like the neighbor kids), or anything like that. I just wish everyone would respect others property!

Kurt's Quirks
Quirk 1: I am a fantasy nut! Books, movies, action figures, games, etc! Fantasy I am there. Adult fantasy, kid fantasy I love it all.
Quirk 2: I love to read. Mostly fantasy, but pretty much anything except my text books. (Opposite of Julie I know).

Quirk 3: CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas inside and out. I love Christmas music starting November 1st. I love everything about Christmas. The picture just shows how far I will go for Christmas. When asked to be Joseph and Mary for the Ward Christmas party we did as they asked and went all out dressing up. Yes, we do know it is a bad picture but look how nice our house was decorated, hee hee hee.

Quirk 4: I love reality TV shows. Okay I just like TV in general, but some of my favorites are Survivor, Amazing Race, The Mole, NCIS, CSI (all three), and Eli Stone just to name a few. Unfortunately I am not able to see a lot of them, but I sure enjoy them when I have the time to watch.

Quirk 5: Yet again unlike Julie I love scary things! Scary movies, Halloween, haunted houses, etc. This is last year when I was able to get Julie to go to frightmares at Lagoon with me. We had a blast and she was fun to go through the haunted houses with, yes she screamed and held on to me the whole time while I couldn't contain my laughter.

Quirk 6: I love surprises. I really like surprising people and being surprised. When I lived at home I really liked to stay up late after mom went to bed and clean up and surprise my mom. I also was able to surprise Julie when I proposed she wasn't expecting the week I did it, it was fun.