Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
                 Merry Christmas to our friends near and far.  This year as many of you know we added a new member to our family.  Bella June was born on July 12th, she is a very happy  baby who doesn’t like to sleep much, but nevertheless we still love her. 
                 Ainzley is a fantastic big sister and loves to help get diapers, clothes or help entertain Bella.  Ainzley just turned 3 .  She is excited to begin Primary and attend with the big kids.  She has loved nursery this last year and has enjoyed every second of it.  She has gained many friends and is excited that they will be moving to primary with her.
Kurt is enjoying his job with Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance he will soon be promoted to GIS Analyst II which is pretty exciting.   He is such a hard worker and always goes above and beyond what is expected of him both at work and at home we are so grateful to have such a wonderful husband and father in our home who takes such good care of all of these girls!
Julie is working for Bell Photographers, Inc. as their office manager, and is looking forward to the time when she will be a stay at home mom with her two adorable girls.  But for now mom and dad are grateful to have a wonderful babysitter/preschool teacher who is teaching Ainzley SOOOO much.  She is already learning her letters and gets upset that she can’t read books.  She knows how to count to 12 all by herself, and is a really good memorizer. 
Our home is still for sale and we are really hoping to sell it by next summer.  So if you know anyone who needs a cute tiny home in Shelley please send them our way we have completely out grown it, but are still grateful for a roof over our heads and warm place to call home.
We hope that you have all had a wonderful 2011 and look forward to a new year with new goals and achievements to follow.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 
Kurt, Julie, Ainzley and Bella
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lots to update!

Hey everyone so it has been awhile since we have posted so here is an update for the month of August and the beginning of September.  But first off below is a picture of Kurt when he was a baby.  Man can you believe how much Bella looks like him?  
 These are some pictures from our family outing in Island Park with Kurt's family.  One night we played a murder mystery game and all dressed up in Hawaiian attire.  We had a lot of fun in Island Park and Ainzley really enjoyed the 4-wheeler this is just a few of the pictures we took, there were way to many to choose from.   

 Uncle Kraig and Aunt Chelsey helped a ton with the girls and got good practice since they will be having a little girl in February!  We are so excited for them!

Our Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

Bella's first swim :) 

State Fair.  We took the girls to the state fair.  Ainz had a lot of fun.

And here are some pretty recent pictures of our little Bella.  Love, love, love that she is smiling and interacting.  Can't get enough of those chubby cheeks.  Enjoy!  Hopefully more to come soon.

Ainzley took swimming lessons for the first time.  Thank Heavens for Dawn who helped Ainzley.  She loves the water, but really didn't like that mom and dad weren't in there with her.  In the end she did really well.

Photo shoot of the two girls.  Bell was about 2 weeks old.

Ainzley exhausted after our ward party/campout.

Our little rock chuck we saw on our deck.  Ainzley called it our "Mystery" because the first time I saw it I had no clue what it was so it was a mystery.

The Mecham Family reunion.  Ainz going down the slide with Uncle Keith.

A five generation picture.

Bella's Blessing day was Aug 7th Kurt did a great job and she was beautiful.  She whore the same dress that I wore on my blessing day and Ainzley on hers.  It is fun to pass it down to my girls.

Well that is about all for us. We are getting excited for the upcoming holidays and in the middle of selling our house.  Hopefully the next time we blog we will have a closing date and we will be moving!  Keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Baby!!!

Our new little of bundle of joy is here. HER name is Bella June Edwards. She was born July 12, 2011. She weighed in at 8lbs. 6oz. and is 20 in. long. She is such a great little one. She only woke up mom twice last night. She is a good baby and is very content. Here are some pictures of our cute little one. These are some of the visitors and her first bath. We love her very much.