Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Baby!!!

Our new little of bundle of joy is here. HER name is Bella June Edwards. She was born July 12, 2011. She weighed in at 8lbs. 6oz. and is 20 in. long. She is such a great little one. She only woke up mom twice last night. She is a good baby and is very content. Here are some pictures of our cute little one. These are some of the visitors and her first bath. We love her very much.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4th Weekend

This fourth of July we spent the 2nd with Kurt's family and went to Lava Hot Springs. It was a lot of fun and as mentioned before Ainzley loves the water so she was in Heaven! On the morning of the 4th we went to a breakfast with my family and a bbq later that day.

Kurt's brother and his family were here from N. Dakota so we watched the fireworks up in Idaho Falls that night with the Edwards. Ainzley loves to do her own fireworks at home, but she wasn't a huge fan of the really loud big ons.

For some reason we didn't get any pictures of Ryker and Ainzley on our camera, but I know we got some with Gay's so I will have to get some from her.

Well you are now all caught up on the Edwards family which will soon be changing. The baby is due this week so our world will soon be turned upside down. It will be good, but it is crazy thinking that we will have 2 kids! So keep your eyes peeled for an update soon on the new baby.

Ainzley watching the fireworks

Rick, Gay and Sadie

Dad and Ainz

Tyson and Cherae

Going swimming at Scott and Rachael's hotel

Mom and Ainzley at 4th of July Breakfast

Swimming at Lava

Kurt and Tyson jumping off the 3rd platform! Crazy Boys!

Grandpa Rick and Ainzley


Well, it seems we didn't take any pictures the month of May so it must have just been a typical month with work and being parents. We did do some yard work and I think toward the beginning of June we finally got our garden in. It had just been so cold.

And mom left her make-up out again oops!

From June 11th-29th we had some rough days. Ainzley was really, really sick and we spent multiple trips to the doctors office and tests at the hospital and seeing specialists. Poor little thing was so sick and it all started with a urinary tract infection that didn't clear up. So we had awful fevers for about 2 weeks (a little less about 11 days) and then we found out one of her kidneys is moderately enlarged so our doctor wanted us to go see a specialist. Which then let to more tests! It was a rough couple of weeks, but luckily she is finally feeling better. We got back for a follow up appointment with the specialist this Thursday so we will be able to find out what we need to do about her kidney, but as for now we are just grateful she is back to her normal self. It was really hard having such a sick little girl and not knowing what to do to help her! Thankfully we have lots of great family and friends who helped out with meals and other things while mom and dad focused on Ainzley! Thanks everybody!

With Ainz being sick and having to have lots of tests done we had to have some rewards for her to get her through. One was she got to go to the zoo. These are a few pictures dad took of the animals at the zoo.

The Merrill-Barnard Family FHE campout at the parents! It was great fun!!!

Afton and Ainzley on the water slide

Uncle Keith helping Ainz go down the slippery slide.

Playing at the park the next day

Keith and Brody

Good balance Ainz!

Learning to climb by herself

Kurt being a good Uncle/Dad pulling the kids

Cooper, Afton, MaKoy, Brody, Ainz, and Keegan
They were a little squished for the picture

Keith at the Chuckers game that night

Devrie and Cooper

Ainz and I at the game (don't mind the cotton in my ear I got an ear infection :( Ainzley loved the game especially the mascot it was her favorite!

Easter Weekend

Ainzley had fun for Easter. We first went to the city Easter Egg hunt. She was so excited to go get some eggs, but once the siren rang she was the first out there, but didn't pick up a single egg. Then it was too late and she was a little distraught. It was sad, but luckily Great Grandma Mecham (my grandma) had an Easter Egg hunt later that day so she was able to get some eggs.

Ainzley and the Easter Bunny
She was really excited if you can't tell!

Getting eggs at Great Grandma Mechams

Grandpa Brutch and some of the grandkids

Cute little Brody.

Again more cute niece and nephew pictures :) Afton and MaKoy

Ainzley coloring eggs with daddy

Great Grandpa giving lawn mower rides

Ainzley loves the park she would spend all day everyday there if she could here are a few pictures of us at the park with Ainzley when it finally warmed up enough to go! She loves slides and swings the most.

My two best pals!

Easter Morning

Easter at the Edwards': They have a tradition of hiding stuff for big kids too. Tyson decided he would go for what was in the tree.

Ainzley got spoiled as usual from all of her Grandmas and Grandpas!

Showing off her stuff from Grandma Gay and Grandpa Rick

Dad helping her get some eggs.

Okay so we weren't all on the same page for this picture (but it is the only one that I don't absolutely hate of me so here you go)

Happy Easter!