Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh how she grows!

Well things are good here. We are so blessed with our beautiful little girl and we love her so much. She is always happy and smiling and flirting with everyone she sees! Kurt and I both look at her and can't believe how much she has grown and how fast the time has gone. We have enjoyed every stage, from tiny newborn to our giggly little girl today. Here is a glimpse at the last 5 months.

Our First Family picture

Ainzley just hours old!

One month old on Christmas Day.

Two months old January

Three months. Look at that tounge! Now she loves to blow spit bubbles.

Four months March. We love this little outfit. Thanks so much Marci for all the cute clothes!

And now almost Five months. This is Ainzley when Kurt and I were trimming trees.

Just smiling for her dad.

Right before our walk to the post office! We just love this girl.

And this is her crazy hair we love that it is starting to ge a little longer.
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping Happenings!

Well we realized that we haven't posted for almost a month! Sorry everyone! As you will see it has been pretty busy around here. First of all Julie graduated from college with a BS Communication degree. It has been a rough semester, but she did and and it was a lot of fun to attend convocation and commencement. We also had a lot of family support. Without our families there is no way we could have finished up so thanks to everyone for all your love and support!

This weekend has been a weekend of celebration with graduation on Thursday night and Friday morning and then all of the Easter fun on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to the Mecham Family Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ. We had a blast with all the little kids and Julie and I were able to hide the eggs. Sunday we went down to Merrills to hang out. We were able to find two adorable dresses for Ainzley and she was able to wear one to the graduation and one for easter. She is getting so big and each day she is just so much fun to be around. We love her lots!

She started eating some rice cereal and is still trying to get used to it, but she is funny to watch. You can always tell when she is done because she starts "blowing bubbles" or shall we say blowing cereal all over mom and dad. Another one of her favorite things to do is blow spit bubbles and talk. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she is super close.

So here are some pictures from the past few weeks including a trip to Boise, Easter, graduation and more...

Our little family at graduation
Ainzley and her Easter basket and her Easter Dress
Ainzley when she first sees her Easter Basket. Okay so really she is smiling at her daddy, but it makes for a good picture!
Happy with her Easter toy!
Edwards at the graduation
Julie's family at the graduation on Friday. Yippee!
All those who came to convocation on Thursday (minus Kurt who is taking the pictures) Mommy and Ainzley
Our little family again.
Rice cereal YUM!
Tyler and Chealsee (sorry if that is spelled wrong) Friends of Julie's we were able to visit in Boise.
Ainzley and Kurt's Uncle Terry
Julie and her friend Heidi also in Boise