Friday, January 29, 2010

The Best Couponing Trip Ever!

Well it's nice being back to the blogging world. It has been a little to long. Earlier this month Julie went to a friend's bridal shower and left the lovely little tornado with dad. She was not happy. When mom leaves at night the world comes to an end. She cried for about 50 min straight and then decided to lay down behind dad and this is how he found her. (Picture 2). She is growing up so much. She has now been going to sleep pretty much on her own and sleeps through the night. (Yes, I know a lot of you that are reading this have kids that have been doing this since they were born. Yes, we were jealous and are looking forward to the easier night time routine). Ainzley has also stopped using a bottle and now drinks from a big girl sippy cup. (It has flowers on it! :) She is starting to talk a little more and now can say the words mama, dada, grama, boo (she likes to scare you, she gets it from her dad), makes pig snorts, growls like a tiger, and imitates and Indian. She is so cute and we love that she is part of our family.

We have been able to go couponing a few time lately and have done pretty well. We have gotten some great deals at Walgreens , Fred Myer and Smith's. This picture shows what we were able to get at Walgreens. It took 12 purchases and going back and forth between two Walgreens locations but we did it.

What would you guess all of this would cost?

Regular Price:

What we Paid:

That's a total savings of 73%!!!

We ended up with:

2 Nivea Shower Gel
3 Colgate Toothpaste
4 Tubs of Almonds
2 Quaker Quakes Rice Cake Snacks
3 Things of Deodorant
4 Carmels
4 Bags of Tostitos Chips
4 Jars of Tostitos Salsa
3 Box of Theraflu
3 Boxes of Lipton Tea (We had to buy to get the deal, Julie gave away at work)
2 Neosporin Lip Balm
2 Jergen's Body Lotion
4 Dawn Dish Soap
2 Cans of Cambel's Chunky Soup
2 John Frieda Hair Care
2 Curel Body Lotions
4 2-Liter Diet Pepsi
4 12-pack Diet Pepsi
2 Vick's Dayquil
2 Vick's Nyquil
2 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste

If you thought that was good just wait and see this deal. This was the best I think we have ever done. We hit Smith's, Albertsons, and Fred Myer. Here is what we got for free.

And this is everything that we bought.

How much do you think this would have cost?

Regular Price:

What We Paid:

That is a total savings of 75%!!!

This is what we ended up with:
8 Laundry Detergents
8 Packages of Cheese Singles
8 Packages of Shredded Cheese
20 Cans of Tuna
4 Boxes of Quaker Oatmeal
1 Box of Quaker Pancake Mix
6 Cups of Fruit
20 Sobe Life Water
6 Boxes of Grape Nuts Cereal
4 Boxes of Finish Dish Detergent
4 Boxes of Capri Sun Juice Drink
3 Boxes of Kleenex
4 Boxes of Fiber One Granola Bars
3 Bottles of Mustard
8 Cans of Hormel Chili
6 Boxes of Toaster Strudels
1 Crest Pro Health Mouthwash
3 Bags of Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
6 Boxes of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 Boxes of Ritz Crackers
20 Bags of Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes
2 Bags of Goldfish Crackers
2 Ice Scrappers

Julie and I have so much fun couponing. It is the best game that we have ever played. It gives us such a thrill to go and get all the deals that we have been able to get. The Lord has blessed us time and time again by couponing. We feel so grateful to have been able to stretch our finances at this time in our lives when funds seem to be a little tight.

Oh and P.S. just because we are curious if you read this will you just post a quick message :) We like to see how many of our friends and family get to see our blog. Thanks

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas time

Well, it has been awhile since we have posted, but it has been super busy with all the Christmas and birthday parties. December has been lots of fun and we have been very blessed. We are first and for most grateful for this Christmas season to remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and the special blessing He is in our lives. Kurt and I have been so blessed from our Heavenly Father and we are so grateful for the wonderful lives we have.

We tried to put these in chronological order, but instead it is backwards.

Ainzley liked to kiss Brody's piggy bank

Ainz playing with daddy's gift.

Keith, Kevin, and DaNea

Ainzley and Daddy with the shoe bank

Christmas potato head

Uncle Kent helping Ainzley open a present

Most of the group showing off our hats (Garrett, Keegan, and Gaby missing)

All the grand-kids with their hats. Ainzley doesn't like hats or pictures much can you tell! Ha ha ha

Playing Guestures

Dan and Shalay sharing their talent.

Ainzley being silly

Grandpa Merrill with Ainzley and Gaby

Russ and Dev and the boys

Listening to Colin teach us about his work research on the brain.

Sadie with her new CTR ring

Ainzley opening her new blocks from Grandma and Grandpa Edwards

Edwards family Ainzley carrying her puppy from Aunt Sandra

Rick and Gay opening their gifts

Enjoying her morning bottle after opening gifts at home.

Ainzley loved her ball popper!

It plays music and she loves to dance to it.

Visiting baby Ryker

Opening gifts at the Parry and Sonia Merrill Christmas party

The little kids doing the Nativity

Our little Angel ha ha ha sometimes!

Kurt, Ainzley, Keith, Kevin, and DeNea

Ainzley and her new toy at the Larson Christmas Party

Kraig and Chelsey and others

The Larson Party

Grandma and Grandpa Edwards

All and all it was a great Christmas and Ainzley is pretty worn out. I forgot the camera at our Mecham party so I don't have any pictures from the, but it was fun too! Happy New Year to everyone!